Sale of Ready-Made Companies in Poland From Professionals

Shelf company or ready-made companies are companies that have been established and registered, waiting for a buyer or an investor to claim them. These companies can be gotten in Poland. It eliminates the trouble of you waiting for as long as 2months which is about the time it takes in Poland to register and establish a company. If the duration of two months is too long and you require an immediate setup, then a read-made or shelf company is just idle. 

We provide completely registered shelf companies at Oruga Group, available for use on the day you make a request to start up a company. Due to our countless years of experience in this field, we can identify the specific needs of various companies. We determine the specific needs of different companies and these companies are shelved waiting for your request.  We consist of a group of skilled and experienced lawyers qualified to help investors start up a business in Poland, and we certify utmost satisfaction if our services are rendered. Since creating and registering companies in Poland is our speciality, we look forward to assisting your setup seamlessly. We handle services such as compliance with different entities, change of companies address, increased or reduced share capital and a change of name.

Below is a list of our core services for shelf companies in Poland.

  1. Aged shelf companies;
  2. Create readily available shelf companies, public limited companies, and limited partnership;
  3. Opening bank accounts, tax office registration, company registration, fiduciary and compliance, corporate trust, company secretarial and other related support;
  4. Providing readymade structures for investment;
  5. Purchase, liquidate or wind up unwanted companies;
  6. We help clients with a clean and fully registered, capitalised, legally & financially compliant company.

Why Purchase a Readymade Company in Poland?

Processes involved in getting a new company registered and established can be very complicated. Proper documentation should be done has to be done, and this aspect can get very exhausting not to exclude time wasting. Examples of documents required for the process includes foreign notary, capital translation cost, bank transfers, and registration and tax fees.

You may be required to personally report before a notary or be represented by your attorney, followed by registration with other relevant authorities, state and statistical registration, court registration, and tax office registration. Opting for a shelf made company, shields you from this rigorous process. A readymade company eliminates these exhausting processes yet provides you with the company of your choice.

Pick up a ready-made company in Poland for your business today

All Encompassing (Get everything you require from one place)
Contact us and within 24 hours or less you can get the company you desire, without the trouble of moving from office to office. We guarantee full legal support for the business establishment. 
To check the list of available shelf companies click HERE



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