Santander Bank Polska S.A. Leased Office Spaces in Lublin

One of the most advantageous business office centers in Lublin, CZ Office Park, has leased around 5 thousand square meters of its area to Santander Bank Polska S.A. The latter will position their back office in the building.

CZ Office Park was started in 2015 and two of its currently operating buildings were finished in 2017 (1UA and 4U). Altogether, they represent 24 thousand sq.m. of the leasable area located at 14 floors with around 14.5 Euros for 1 square meter (including net lease payment and net service charges). This A-class building complex is constantly developing, offering now a residential building comprising of 7 floors built in 2018 and more business areas to be built in 2025 (providing in general around 80 thousand sq.m. of the leasable area).

Santander Bank Polska S.A. is a part of Santander Group since 2011 and is the second-largest banking institution in Poland (considering its pure assets under management). It delivers all range of financial and banking services to natural persons, the business of small, medium, and large sizes not only in Poland but also across Europe and both Americas.


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