Construction of Hotel in the Rzeszów

The decision to build the Holiday Inn Express close to the Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport was made. The hotel will be finished at the end of 2019.

One of the famous hotels in Europe will offer 120 rooms. It will invite passengers, clients of the nearby G2A Arena and many companies located close to the airport.

“I am so glad that the new object of such level will appear here. We are widening infrastructure around the airport”, notes Marshal of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship. “We hope to get more investments with the new airport road, railway in several years. The future hotel is a vital part of these developments. It will add much to this place and the whole region”.

“We are a skilled operator and investor of airport hotels. This hotel will set a significant spot in our portfolio”, says a member of the Management Board of the responsible company. “We see a huge potential in the region. Construction of the Rzeszów airport as well as the nearby SEZ and the congress center make us believe that the investments will be a success. Polish Prime Minister also mentioned this. He seemed to be satisfied that the hotel will appear in this particular region. This is a great contribution to the Easter Poland growth”.

“Significance of the hotel close to the airport cannot be underestimated. The airport serves more and more people. We get new flights. More planes are maintained in the airport hangars. Obviously, we need to provide high-quality accommodation for everybody who needs it here. I think Holiday Inn Express will serve those purposes well”, says a member of the Airport Management Board.

A set of contracts signed to make the Holiday Inn construction possible will surely benefit the development of Rzeszów and the entire region”, notes a representative of CAD. “The process of the hotel investment has already started. All activities correspond to the schedule. This means we will be able to host the first roomers in the second part of 2019”.


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