A good view should add to the distinctive character of each space.

It was not so long ago when roofs of buildings were not used in addition to their primary function. But the situation is changing. A representative noted that premises located on the upper floors and terraces might become special places for tenants and buildings in general. However, such space should be designed accordingly to bring as many benefits as possible. A good view should add to the distinctive character of each space.

The best rooftops provide beautiful views of a city and this makes them special. Also, it is important to use roofs in non-central locations efficiently too. The trend is emerging on the peripheries and in the suburbs of cities. The representative noted that this is not about high buildings only. Lower grounds demonstrate interesting concepts too. These are restaurants, observation decks, event venues or entertainment spaces. Earlier the main idea was to provide good views and not cuisine. Recently, the situation has been changing and the views become an addition to special dishes and service quality.

If used as an event venue, the rooftop must provide unique experiences so that the visitors would remember them for long. Obviously, this would lead to higher costs and rents but it is a good investment.

The best way to utilize rooftops is by making them an entertainment space. There are many variants for that, including bars, cinemas in mini Jacuzzis, mini golf training. These spots are special because of the unique surroundings. Currently, the majority of such spaces are utilized as bars and clubs with live music, plenty of snacks and drinks and picturesque views of the city.

Such spaces must have an appropriate design and comply with quality and security requirements. These are fire safety, staircases, additional escape ways etc.

Despite the fact that the utilization of rooftops is a new concept in Europe, a few outstanding projects have been completed already across the continent. And Level 27 in Polish Millenium Plaza is among the brightest examples.


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