Ready Made Companies in Poland

Legal entities registered in Poland that have not yet carried out any activities are offered as ready-made companies that can immediately start their activities. Since the ready-made companies have already been registered, they can be quickly used by foreigners to start and do business in Poland.

In addition to launching business projects, ready-made companies provide foreign investors with opportunities for operations such as getting loans, obtaining various licenses and permits, and, for example, for buying real estate. By acquiring such a legal entity, foreigners will be able to change the structure of the company, however, for this you still have to apply to the Polish trade registry in order to register such changes.

Advantages of Ready Made Polish Companies

A foreign investor will be able to start immediately, can start a business if he acquires a ready-made company, bypassing the process of company registration and saving time on this. In some cases, this can provide a new business with certain competitive advantages. In addition, the business owner can be sure that the new company has a clear history, clean creditworthiness, although in any case it is worth checking the company to be absolutely sure that it does not have any financial or other obligations.

The owner of the acquired ready-made company that did not conduct commercial activities will then be able to change its various parameters, for example, add new activities, change representatives or the name of the company. Such changes must be registered by the new owner in 7 days, as evidenced by the Polish Code of Commercial Companies.

Buying a Shelf Company

According to the requirements of Polish law, the founders of new companies must provide the constituent documents, as well as their notarized copies, so that the company is fully formed and has the right to conduct commercial activities. Shelf companies in this case are no exception and the same requirements are imposed on them.

When new shareholders appear and the composition of the management board changes, the company must amend its charter. Such changes with the transfer of shares to new board members are made on the basis of a notarized agreement, after which official registration will be carried out in the Trade Register of Poland.

Now that the registration and transfer of shares in accordance with Polish laws has passed, the company can begin its business activities. The next step is to ensure control over all bank accounts by new owners.

If you are interested in acquiring a ready-made company in Poland and would like to receive a full consultation on these issues, you can contact our experts. We are ready to assist every investor who is ready to purchase a shelf company in a fast, high-quality and safe execution of a transaction in accordance with all the rules and laws so that you can start your business as quickly as possible.


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