Ready Made Company in Poland

Ready-made companies are companies that have already been established but are not yet operating. You can just buy them and start working right from day one. In Poland, this is a fairly common practice, and not for nothing, because for foreign investors it is the easiest way to start a business in Poland.

This method can be used not only to start a business, but also to have the right to conduct certain operations in Poland. For example, if you need to buy property or apply for a patent. However, if you want to change the structure of the company, you will still need to coordinate with the Polish authorities.

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The benefits of a ready made company in Poland

The main advantage is that you can start a business as soon as possible. You do not need to spend long months on its design, development, brand development and reputation. Everything is already done for you. However, investors are warned before buying such a company to conduct a thorough study of its background. It will be unpleasant if you buy a company, and then it turns out that it has a lot of debt, and in general it is on the verge of bankruptcy.

When you buy a company, you have the right to do whatever you want with it. For example, you can change the name, or change the list of activities that the company is engaged in. However, under Polish law, you must notify and document these changes within 7 days.

Purchasing an ready made business in Poland

When you start a new company, you must draw up all the necessary documents, such as the charter, memorandum of association, etc. The same goes for buying a ready-made company. Make sure that the seller has on hand all the necessary documents certifying compliance with all rights and regulations.

When transferring ownership of a company, this must be spelled out in the relevant company documents. The memorandum of association changes the name of the owner and prescribes other important nuances. The seller and the buyer must enter into an agreement on the transfer of ownership. When all the documentation is ready, then comes the final stage of registration of the act of sale at the legislative level.

Once the sale of the company is documented, then you can start your new business. Care must also be taken to ensure that new owners have access to all the company's bank accounts. Also, your new business must have a REGON number and a VAT registration.

Moreover, the purchase process can be facilitated so much that you will not only do not have to start a company from scratch, but the purchase will be made by proxies for you. Our experts can help you with this. They will help you throughout the process of buying and selling the company and provide all the necessary advice.


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