Polish Startups are Scaling

The U.S.A. will buy the award-triumphing robot created by the Polish startup company. The American company that focuses on providing innovative ideas in the education system signed an agreement with the Polish startup.

Photon is a robot which is connected with your electronic devices. It helps kids to improve their logical thinking and basic programming skills. It is like a game, where through solving different tasks, a child receives additional points that enable new features of the robot.

In order to promote a Photon, its founders had created a company Photon Entertainment. The first investments came from one of a  crowdfunding platform, and only after that, some institutional investors supported this innovative idea from Polish entrepreneurs. Photon production was started in September 2017. Since that moment the company became more famous and around 2,000 of schools and kindergartens had got 11,000 academic robots.

The founder of Photon says that the American company Eduscape, which is specialized in providing innovative ideas in education, has received the rights to sell robots in America and China. This step can help Polish innovative companies to be more visible on a global market

The Eduscape is an American company that is based in New Jersey. Their mission is offering colleges the best innovation solution making the education system even better.  


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