Polish Shelf Companies

Ready-made or, as they are called, shelf companies are registered enterprises with a clean commercial history and business reputation. By purchasing such a company in Poland, investors from different countries get a very convenient way to start doing business both in Poland and in the EU countries. This significantly reduces the time for organizing a company and registering it in all the necessary Polish state bodies and registers.

In addition, Polish ready-made companies facilitate such processes as obtaining loans, purchasing real estate in the country and obtaining the necessary licenses. Such legal entities will also allow the required entries to be made in the Commercial Register of Poland, which must be changed when the company is redesigned.

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What do you get when aquire shelf companies in Poland?

If purchase one of turnkey shelf enterprise, you receive all the necessary basic set of papers and services, which includes a complete package of documents that confirms registration with the necessary government agencies and registries.

At the same time, as with the acquisition of any already operating company, you should still conduct a comprehensive audit of the shelf company. This way you will be absolutely sure that your new Polish company has no other obligations to any third parties and you will not expect any unpleasant surprises connected with this.

After the acquisition of a ready-made company in Poland and the transfer of rights, you will be able to make changes in the company's activities type, name, and also appoint other responsible persons and representatives of your new company. Before starting your business, you will need to obtain a legal address and open a checking account. According to Polish law in the field of commercial enterprises, within the first week, it will be necessary to amend the company's charter, where you need to indicate the current name of the company, its legal address, types of activities, as well as the composition of founders and the size of the authorized capital.

The process of acquiring a ready made company in Poland

Regardless of what type of company you open in Poland, you must provide papers of association with their copies, which are notarized. Ready-made companies either are no exception here.

All necessary documents must be submitted to the Polish Trade Register and contain revised data. When submitting an application for registration of a ready-made company in Poland, it is necessary to prepare a share transfer agreement, which must also be certified by a notary.

As a new possessors of a shelf company you must take care of taking full control of the bank account that belongs to your new company. A ready-made company can start its business operations immediately after completing all the described registration procedures. Upon successful registration, your new Polish company will receive all the necessary certificates, such as a number and an extract from VAT, REGON, ZUS, NIP, KRS as well as all that are required.

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