Polish railway will get more investments

Polish Prime Minister advises that the government officials have selected a number of train routes which are the most significant for the state. The governing party plans to pay more attention to the development of the railway system. Furthermore, the expected building of Solidarity Transport Hub (also known as Central Communication Port) will give a second breath to the railways after some time of abandonment. The railway infrastructure is going to receive serious investment in the near future.

The central communication port is a project of a huge airport in the center of the country. It will be situated between Warsaw and Lodz. The plan is to build not only an air connecting point but a real travel hub, and railway will play a considerable role here. The government informed that this transport hub will communicate with over 1600km of railroads.

Strategic rail routes will cover 670 kilometers of high-speed tracks, the expected hourly speed of the trains is going to be 250km and more. The project will be a net covering 1200 cities and towns throughout Poland, providing the connection between regions and joining every corner of the country. The government representatives say they are connecting country together. The average travel time will considerably reduce. It looks like it will take just 15 minutes to get from the capital to Central Communication Port.

The project should be completed by 2027. The rough cost of railway system development is 40 billion PLN. The total budget of the construction, including Central Port, is almost 75 billion PLN. The initial step is to launch a new railway between Warsaw and Lodz. Then, the routes will connect regional cities.

This plan is a huge step forward in the development of the national transport system providing citizens with better access to trains and other types of transportation. The project will stop the recent decline of bus and train routes. It will greatly help in solving the transport issues in rural areas which are currently in the focus of many politicians and experts.

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