Polish premier says will never bow to EU ‘ultimatum’

Poland faced the risk of losing up to 8 billion Euros in connection with a pollution control initiative. The initiative was proposed by the European Union. At the same time, there is a rather high probability that the funds will simply disappear, due to the not very good cooperation of the Polish authorities and the European Union. The authorities do not want to follow the instructions of the commission, which can lead to problems.

The Polish edition, the newspaper “Gazeta Wyborcza”, reported previously hidden content of the letter, which the officials received. If to speak without details, the European Union gives Poland a limited time and deadline to fulfill all the requirements of the European Union, which it makes under the social program "Clean Air". This scheme was introduced in September last year; the reason was the need to combat smog. Air pollution in Poland is a big problem, due to which about 65 thousand people die every year (possibly, more).

The money that the country receives from the European Union is aimed at helping households. They are used to replace coal heaters with modern and environmentally friendly ones, as well as to improve home insulation conditions. However, applications are processed very slowly, which is why funds are not distributed as actively and correctly as they should. The Commission insists on processing 400,000 agreements, even though only 13.5 thousand only are processed in 10 months.

The program is managed by a national foundation but on the recommendation of the European Union, local governments and commercial banks should be involved in this. The authorities in Poland prefer to shift funding to the national level. It emphasizes the need to support the process at the highest level. The program was forced to freeze for almost a month due to legislative changes since new application forms were introduced into circulation.

The final decision-making date for Poland is set for June 21. If the government gives a negative answer, it can lead to a significant reduction in funding.


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