Polish Government is Preparing for Brexit

Just a year ago many people believed that Brexit is never going to happen. But the date when Britain is going to leave the EU is quickly approaching. However, there are many things which remain unclear. And we already see that it will be a hard Brexit. Polish ministers gathered to discuss the world after Brexit and the challenges it would introduce to Polish business and economy.

Regulate Activities of British Financial Institutions in Poland

The Council of Ministers developed a bill to regulate activities of British financial institutions in Poland. The same conditions will apply to all firms from Gibraltar too. The government wants to protect the interests of individuals and companies that are clients of financial companies or that are headquartered in the United Kingdom but operate in Poland.

One more thing which the officials have to take care of are the issues connected with the SORBNET and TARGET systems. Brokerage houses which have branches in Poland will be able to continue their activities for one year after Brexit.

Another issue covered was the treatment of job qualifications which Poles acquired in Britain as well as qualifications of Britons willing to work in Poland. As of today, British diplomats work in Poland based on EU legislation. The government is working at conditions to make the document validation process simple.

So, the government does all it can to soften Brexit, i.e. the UK leaving the EU without a withdrawal agreement which is very real.

The UK is the 3rd biggest trade partner of Poland. The official date of Brexit is still unclear for everyone.


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