How does the Polish government help small businesses?

The series, started by the Polish Congress in May this year under the title "Politics from Scratch", contains 15 meetings with various politicians, local officials, analysts and entrepreneurs whose activities influence the development of the Polish economy and politics. We also learned that the program of this project covered a lot of different points of view and aspects of development. It was compiled by more than 100 experts in their fields.

In an interview, Jarosław Gowin said that the program aims to fully restore, or at least contribute to the recovery of the Polish economy after the crisis. The government understands that the economic system is largely driven by private property. And the Polish economy is developing due to the activities of the middle class. Also, a significant part of the budget was allocated for defense spending and tax increases for local governments.

This agreement is intended to provide more stability to local governments, as well as to promote a higher level of social needs. Of course, this assistance is not implemented in words, but in deeds. It is planned to send a considerable amount of investment to local governments to implement this project. One of the postulates of the agreement is to reduce the level of taxes for micro-entrepreneurs.

Thus, the agreement announces the beginning of the implementation of the Polish Industrial Policy program.

This program was concluded earlier this year as part of an industrial consultation attended by some of the most professional experts in Polish industry. The aim of this program was to develop a set of tools that would help promote the development and recovery of the Polish economy and increase invulnerability to crises.

For example, some of the above instruments include the following measures: deregulation, industrial contracts (the rules of cooperation between enterprises and the state have been revised), purchasing policy (use of public procurement to support the economic sector) and others.

Also, with the help of this program, the Polish government plans not only to strengthen the economy from within, but also to establish exports and strengthen the country's position in the international arena.


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