Polish Companies Should Submit PIT-11 earlier

Every Polish employee is subject to personal income tax (PIT) and thus, needs to inform the tax office about the salary and other income he or she received in the given year. All numbers are summed up and the taxpayer should pay the correspondent tax. Let’s review the main changes that took place this year in PIT tax returns.

Business owners that hire staff must provide the PIT-11 tax returns with information regarding an employee’s salary, social insurance payments and advance tax payments. However, the deadline has changed: now, it is January 31. Thus, businessmen have less time to prepare the documents.

Moreover, the form should be submitted via email to fiscal authorities directly. Failure to comply with these requirements may cause penalties.

The main reason for these changes is the government’s desire to be digital and Internet-friendly. This should make communication between citizens and state authorities easier and quicker. One can submit e-documents anytime from anyplace. Thus, state institutions and taxpayers will benefit from the changes.

Polish citizens had an opportunity to submit tax returns online for many years. But 2019 will make it even easier. Tax authorities will complete the PIT-37 and PIT-38 forms based on the data provided by companies. Once a person reviews and agrees with the documents, all the papers will be sent to the tax office.


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