Poland Quarantine

One of the latest victims of the Coronavirus outbreak is a man from the city of Lublin in eastern Poland. The heat of the voluntary nationwide closing of schools has been heightened by the government’s decision to close schools and educational establishments for 14 days from early next week. All culture centers, theatres, cinemas and museums will also close. The number of those infected is steadily rising though not as deeply as in Italy or Spain.

Numbers are in the dozens at the moment but the government is expecting and preparing for the worst. A meeting of the government crisis management team  was convened recently and public events have been already canceled.

Mateusz Morawiecki, Polish Prime Minister

‘We need to avoid large gatherings of people. These include educational establishments. At the meeting of the government crisis management team we took the decision to close for a period of two weeks all educational establishments including higher education.’

Epidemiological controls are in force at Polish border crossings and ports.

Mateusz Morawiecki, Polish Prime Minister

‘Poland is applying a very good strategy. We are trying to anticipate certain measures but later will be taken up and used by others. We have put medical screening in place at our borders. This has been adopted by other countries.’

Earlier on the president had made a broadcast the country.

Andrzej Duda, President of Poland

‘I can confirm to the authorities of the country had earlier taken the steps to prepare for this eventuality. Today we are taking necessary decisive steps to protect Poles effectively.’

Poland Closed Borders

Keeping to personal hygiene standards is the most important thing we can do. Certainly individuals should limit their exposure outdoors. Over the thousand people already quarantined will be checked by police officers to see if they are meeting their quarantine conditions. Meantime international air travel has been disrupted. LOT Polish Airlines the national carrier is extending its suspension of flights between Warsaw and Milan and Venice till the end of April.

The airline has confirmed that it will keep passengers up to date with any changes. It has also suspended its services to Beijing until the end of April and from Budapest to Seoul. There will be limited services to Tel-Aviv from Warsaw and provincial airports. New services to Ostrava in the Czech Republic will be postponed until early autumn. The airline has also stated it is in constant contact with the Ministry of Health, the Chief health inspectorate and with other airlines.

Source www.gov.pl | www.msz.gov.pl | www.polandin.com


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