Poland in TOP3 of the Best Countries to Invest

Poland is placed on the third position on the ranking among the top 20 countries for investment according to the U.S. News & World Report. This ranking is primarily based on 8 attributes: entrepreneurship, dynamism, corruption, economic, beneficial taxes, innovation, skilled labour, and technological expertise.

The authors examine over 21,000 people in approximately 80 countries from all over the world. Focusing on the investments, U.S News had checked account scores from nearly 6,000 people who are connected with the business field.

Why Poland?

Interestingly, but the Polish economic system will be stable despite some political changes that have been happening in Europe. Problems can be resulting from Brexit and the refugee crisis in Europe. Currently, the Polish economy is closely connected with Germany, and this country is the most important strategic and economic partner for Poland. Today, there are many automotive concerns in Poland. The local government helps innovation projects, like aerospace, electronics, and energy sector to grow. Poles believe that these sectors will give an additional possibility for improvement.

List of the 20 Best Countries to Invest in

1. Philippines

2. Indonesia

3. Poland

4. Malaysia

5. Singapore

6. Australia

7. Spain

8. Thailand

9. India

10. Oman

11. Czech Republic

12. Finland

13. Uruguay

14. Turkey

15. Ireland

16. Netherlands

17. United Kingdom

18. Brazil

19. France

20. Chile


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