Poland Business Opportunities

With all the globalization processes, entrepreneurs from all over the world look for new business opportunities in different countries. The European Union is one of the most desirable regions to invest money. However, it is hard to imagine a business operating without legal assistance, especially if you decide to run a company in another country. Each state in EU has its own regulations which should be followed carefully. A good idea is to hire professionals who know the country’s language and legislation.

Legal assistance in Poland: the best advice for foreign businessmen

For the last decade, Poland has been one of the most comfortable places in EU to start a business. The country can boast with a stable economic growth and numerous incentives for investors. In addition, it has a great geographical position which gives additional benefits to businessmen. These are the reasons why many foreign investors choose to move to this country to do business. And most of the time they need a lawyer in Poland whose services may include:

  1. Company formation, purchase, sale. A legal advisor will be ready to help you decide which type of legal entity fits your business idea the best. He or she will provide assistance with all the papers and procedures to quickly move through registration or purchase process. They will also help with selling your company whenever you want to do that.
  2. Getting permits for foreigners. Jurists can advise you on how to receive a permit for the real estate and shares acquisition in necessary cases.
  3. Due diligence. A company providing legal services in Poland can provide due diligence in accordance with standards.

This is just a short list of juridical services you may get when entering the Polish market. The best thing you can do is choose one of the law firms in Poland which can provide a set of services. A professional team of legal consultants is well aware of the local legislation and they will offer the best solutions for your business. We’ve been dealing with foreing businesses entering Polish market for past 11 years, and we know what would be your main struggle.


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