Pandemic and Employment: Remote Work is Becoming Very Common

The rapid and confident spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 forced the Poles to stay at home in self-isolation while the country was in quarantine. Moreover, the uncertainty of the quarantine period does not allow us to state with certainty when people will be able to return to their jobs. This forces many to switch to remote working mode.

Already about 80% of workers want to work remotely, since this method of work is available in almost any circumstances, in particular when restricting movement was caused by the quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The portal conducted its own research, which shows that the Poles are ready for remote work, but about 70% would not want this to be the only way to to gain revenue. A third of respondents would like to have such a job only as an additional way to earn.

At the same time, far from all companies are ready to immediately transfer their employees to work from home. Too quick reactions are required by the current changes from employers. In the near future it will become clear which companies are ready for this, and for which it will be a serious challenge, however, in the long term, most companies are aimed at this mode of operation.



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