Mobile Operator Orange Poland Will Apply Juniper Networks to Modernize its System.

Telecommunications company Orange Poland intends to automate the global network for increasing the automation of the core network, as well as increase its resilience . The provider expects to receive reinforcing the operation of LSP (label-switched paths) as a result of the update project implementation.

The project was developed in order to satisfy the needs of its customers in the quality of communication and the speed of information transfer in the provider's core system. This applies to both phone communication and the mobile network, prepared to renovate up to the 5G standard. Orange Poland has already begun to implement the project and has begun to introduce changes to the system.

As one of biggest telecom operator in Poland, the company provides mobile and fixed communications, DSL (digital subscriber line) and FTTH (fiber optic connection) services to about 20 million users. Updating the network will help make the system more reliable and resistant to failures and malfunctions.

To create a clear dynamic routing in accordance with the restrictions defined by the user, as well as to optimize the infrastructure, Orange Poland will use telemetry data, planning and monitoring tools.

The autonomous infrastructure of the cloud is build on the advantages of a distributed architecture that the telecommunications provider will receive through the use of machine learning and analytical tools.

Organization of network traffic will be available due to the possibility of programming and tuning the operation of the core network. This will automatically control the performance of the new system using specialized tools, as well as increase its use.

MPLS Multi - Protocol Label Wwitching Flows

Orange Poland uses the artificial intelligence platform provided by Juniper Networks to update its core network. For software traffic optimization, the NorthStar controller will be applied, which is used in Juniper’s 5G MX Series universal routing platform. Thanks to the  platform, the company will be able to control the MPLS (multi-protocol label switching flows) of its network in detail via IP.

To improve the quality of services provided to its subscribers, Orange Poland will begin to use another Juniper product this year - it is about Contrail HealthBot, which will make full use of the capabilities provided by telemetry. The use of dynamic optimization, performance monitoring and data analysis provide more security in the cloud, as well as consistency and accounting.

This approach is part of the Orange Poland policy of maintaining the reliability and stability of the system, increasing the network performance of the provider, as well as improving the user experience of subscribers. To implement this policy, the telecom company is constantly evaluating the available ways to improve all indicators.



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