Open Company in Poland

Poland gives equal opportunities to both national and foreign businesspeople. The incorporation procedure for everybody is the same. Thus, investors have the same things to consider when launching a new business in the country.

Before starting the procedure of company registration in Poland, a business owner should first choose a form of legal entity they want to operate. The next step is to gather the necessary documents and submit them to the appropriate state institutions. Finally, they must decide whether to invest directly (become a shareholder in person) or indirectly (register a subsidiary).

What you should know to open a company in Poland

There are several types of legal entities which foreigners usually consider when they are willing to enter the Polish market. The most popular types are LLC and JSC. The shareholders of these companies are not liable for the company’s obligations and their risk is limited to the value of the stock contributed. However, Polish partnerships are also an option.

Opening a Polish company: the main requirements

The whole procedure of incorporating a company in Poland will depend on the company’s type. We will briefly describe the main aspects you should be aware of.

Limited Liability Company. To open an LLC in Poland, you must comply with the following requirements: 

  • have minimum one member;
  • have an executive board (can be one person only);
  • deposit 5,000 zlotys on the company’s bank account.

Joint Stock Company. If you want to open a Polish company of this kind, make sure it has:

  • at least one founder;
  • a supervisory board and an executive board (can be one person only);
  • 100,000 zlotys on a bank account. Note that 25% of this amount should be there at the time of company registration.

If you want to incorporate a partnership, below are the options to choose from. 

Registered partnership. This is an excellent choice for small businesses. You can quickly open a Polish company of this type and easily liquidate it whenever you want. Be ready to pay a fee of 600 zlotys to register the new legal entity.

Limited Liability Partnership. To establish the company of this type, a minimum of two people or legal entities are needed. There are no requirements for the starting capital; the scope of activities is unlimited, and all the partners get the profits based on their initial financial input.

Limited Joint-Stock Partnership. Registration of the company requires at least two people or legal entities; the profits are divided based on the financial input at the moment of company incorporation. Also, the company can be involved in any activities. 

Be aware that to open Polish companies, foreigners are not obliged to be in the country in person. A professional lawyer appointed by a power of attorney can take care of the registration procedure for you. 


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