Norwegian funds Fund small and medium-sized firms in Poland

Thanks to the Norwegian funds Polish micro,  small and medium-sized companies will receive 85 million PLN.

Polish entrepreneurs seeking funding for innovative projects in the field of environmental protection or improving the quality of life of excluded social groups can apply for money from Norwegian funds. The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) received incentives for companies in Poland. The main goal of the Norwegian Fund Program is development of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Who can apply for funds?

Micro, small and medium-sized companies operating in Poland can apply for Norwegian funds. It involves supporting the development and implementation of innovative solutions in the company who is focusing in at least one of the three important areas:

1.  Green Technology. Support of companies who are trying to limit a negative impact on the environment.

2.  Blue Innovation.  Support of compamies who focus on the introduction of innovative processes or products for marine or inland waters and the coast.

3.  Companies engaged in technologies that improve the quality of life. Norwegian Funds encourage companies to release products that make everyday life easier for is subject to social exclusion, including older people.

Also,  micro, small and medium-sized companies founded or run by women can apply for Norwegian Funds. In addition to this, any of these companies can receive a 100 percent business mentoring support.


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