What's new in the Polish tax system?

The government claims that about 70 billion a year will have to be spent on tax-free increases, the start of the second tax and changes in health care services. By the way, consultations on the "Polish agreement" are about to begin.

However, it is very difficult to even imagine exactly how Poland is going to offset the costs. Even if we talk about such radical changes as a new way of collecting health insurance contributions. That is why one of the key goals of the "Polish Deal" is the so-called sealing package. The Ministry of Finance of Poland estimates that by 2022 such a system will bring 6 billion zlotys to the budget, and another 9 - in 2023.

We have learned from some sources from the Ministry that the process of discussions and consultations on the sealing package will begin on July 14. One of the goals is also to reduce the size of the shadow economy, which, unfortunately, has been very prosperous in Poland recently. One way the government wants to tackle this problem is to reduce the allowable amount of money to be exchanged in transactions between entrepreneurs to PLN 8,000. Now this amount is 15,000 zlotys.

Also, by July 1, 2022, all Polish entrepreneurs are required to choose at least one form of online payments for their business. You can choose, for example, between payment terminals, bank transfers or mobile payments. However, if the entrepreneur's annual income does not exceed PLN 20,000, he does not need to do so.

Also, subject to the adoption of the sealing package, the changes will affect the rules of post-leasing cars. Under current Polish law, an individual is allowed to buy a car from a company for personal use on a leasing basis. You will not need to pay income tax after selling this car. If the car is owned by the company, then its full redemption is possible only after 6 years. In this regard, the Polish government wants to change the rules of sale of post-leased cars of the company and plans to consider the profit from the sale as a profit from the business activities of the company.

If the legislation changes, it will be much more difficult for entrepreneurs to move their company to another country, as the number of exit taxes will increase. However, this law needs to be further improved, as it only covers cases where a company moves to another country. This does not consider situations where, for example, a Polish company merges with or absorbs a foreign one.


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