Poland's Government Adopts a Draft Balanced Budget for 2020

The Polish government announced a new draft budget on Tuesday to lower a budget deficit for the next year.  It is expected, that both revenues and expenses should be exactly 429.5 billion Polish zloty in 2020.

On the projected growing source of income may have an impact economic growth and increasing inflation as well. There are groups of people who will pay a lower fiscal burden. For instance, young people under the age of 26 years old. 

Also, the government expects to see the growth in GDB in the Polish economy. That’s the first time in 30 years when Polish economics shows a balanced budget by parliament. This is happening thanks to the constant improvement in tax rates in Poland and economic growth, also, this is the answer how Poland is able to reduce debt.

Another interesting point in this plan is the employment rate, which is expected to grow on 0,5 percent compared to the previous year. By the end of 2020, the unemployment rate is will be dropped to 5.1 percent.


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