Poland is about to build a new airport. 

With more than 15 million visitors per year, Warsaw’s Chopin Airport became one of most popular airports in Europe. As the amount of passengers growth rapidly,  it may cause some difficulties in the future. This is the reason why the Polish government decided to build a new airport.

The new airport will be located 40km west of Warsaw. According to the plan, it will be open in 2027 with expected potential of 45 million passengers.

Thanks to the convenient location between East and West, the polish authorities want to save its position of the most important airports in Europe.  The plans for building a new airport are going along with the plans of growing Polish Airlines LOT. It launched some new lines, including to the U.S.A., Singapore, and Kazakhstan.

The new airport will be a part of a new transport hub, along with rail connection it will commute Warsaw and different cities. It is expected to cost 30-35 billion złoty (around €8 billion), part of this money comes from the European Union.

Interestingly, some critics believe, that besides of all advantages, the new airport will be an encumbrance for the government’s budget.


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