New Beneficial Laws for Business from Ministry in Poland

According to the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, they are developing legal changes – more than 70 new regulations in total – which will provide company owners with more favorable conditions for doing business in Poland.

To improve the business environment in Poland, the government has already introduced 100 Changes for Companies, Small and Medium Enterprises Package and Constitution for Business. The new regulations will limit bureaucracy and thus, help save time and money to business owners.

According to the Minister, they want to make the law less restrictive and inconsequential. The Ministry did everything possible to consider the interests of small and medium businesses.

Extension of Time Limit for VAT in Poland Settlement in Import Trade 

Amendments cover several things, including an extension of time limit for VAT settlement in import trade (25 days instead of 10 days as of today). The government believes this will improve the competitiveness of Polish ports.

The most innovative thing is permission for small and medium companies’ owners to make mistakes. This means that within 12 months after new company incorporation its owner won’t get fined for unintentionally breaking the law (but they should correct the mistake within a defined interim).

The new amendments are currently at the consultations stage which is expected to be no longer than one month.


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