Microsoft and Skanska Signed a Partnership Agreement in Poland

Microsoft and Skanska decided to become partners in the field of PropTech. The companies agreed to exchange expertise, use the most progressive data analytics tools and AI tools to generate new solutions for the office property sector. They will also develop presentations of Skanska’s construction projects implementing mixed reality and Microsoft HoloLens glasses together with the analytical capacities of the Skanska’s Connected system.

Skanska is involved in office development in seven cities in Poland. Together with Microsoft, the company plans to improve data analysis skills which will allow getting new insights on usage of office constructions. Sensors and smart systems which allow analyzing different parameters within a building will provide the data. The goal is to get a better idea of how to use the rooms more efficiently and how to manage parking slots better.

Earlier Skanska has used Microsoft technology to demonstrate its projects. The company is a pioneer in using the latest technology to visualize office constructions. It was also the first one to use HoloLens technology in every single phase of the development project. With the help of technology, Skanska is able to visualize future projects and also to provide safer solutions.

Also, the staff of both companies will benefit from the cooperation because they will develop their competencies and skills. Finally, the PropTech contest for startups will give more valuable insights to teams from both companies.

A representative of Skanska noted that this is the first convention of such kind in Poland. And the fact that Microsoft partners with Skanska proves that the company is number one in implementing innovations in the commercial property sector. It is expected that the partnership will drive new ideas and innovations in office spaces design in the future.

Microsoft’s top manager expressed his delight that Skanska is so pro-active in using technology in this sector. And the IT giant is ready to support its digital transformation endeavors. He believes that companies will implement many innovative projects together.

Another Skanska manager noted that with help of technology and Microsoft’s expertise, they hope to give a new value to their customers. The Skanska’s Connected OS which helps to organize office life in the whole building and provides data analytics to tenants, will be improved by Microsoft experts.


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