What are the best moves for investors in 2019?

Looking for the best investment opportunities in 2019? Here are a few recommendations.

Be cautious with your investments, don’t risk. There is no need to sweat over every dollar you invest, however, this is the time to review your portfolio for the right mix of stocks and bonds and to add more fixed income to it.

Your investment return depends on many factors but mainly on the country and field. Before buying a property in a new place check out potential risks. If it is possible, try to talk to people who already made investments. It will help you to estimate future outcome. 

Save cash for better opportunities. We will soon see good assets at amazing bargains. Make sure you are ready for that. Gold is another currency to keep till you need some ready money.

Investigate opportunities in reputable companies overseas but don’t rush in yet. Europe managed to stay away from the majority of trade issues and remains a big opportunity. The developing markets have underperformed last year because of weaker currencies and lower multiples. Most likely, they will catch up soon. Another factor to not ignore is the dollar’s value which remains high. However, there is a good chance it will weaken in 2019 due to the US internal issues. Thus, returns for international stocks will be higher.


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