LLC Company Formation in Poland

Poland is one of the best countries where business investments can be made with profitable returns. There are many reasons why Poland is recognized as one of the best places in the world to establish a business. Some of the reasons include:

1. Location: Poland is at the heart of Europe sharing borders with countries in Eastern and Western Europe. A businessman desiring to carry out business transactions in other parts of Europe will find a suitable choice in Poland. From Warsaw, the capital of Poland, you can get to most major cities in Europe, either by air, road or rail in the shortest possible time.

2. Affiliations with NATO and the European Union: Poland is an important member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union. This accounts for the political stability which the country has enjoyed over the years. Additionally, Poland is very committed to the promotion of free-market principles.

3. Stable Economy: Poland was hardly affected during the global economic recession period that took place in 2009. Poland economy is still growing at a rapid rate, and it is expected that the economy keeps up the momentum in future.

4. Huge beneficiary from The EU Budget: By 2020, Poland will have received about 82.5 billion euros for the cohesion policy and about 32 billion euros for the agricultural policy from the European Union, spanning a period of 6 years. These funds will be spent on scientific research, building major road networks, improving the transportation sector, and business development amongst other.

5. Logistics Hub: Warehousing in Poland has undergone a tremendous reform over the years. As at the moment, there is an availability of nine million square meters of warehousing space in Poland. The highway network spans a total of 3000km and it is expected to increase by 2300km, come 2023. This is one of such reasons why investors like Amazon decided to locate their warehouse in Poland.

6. Large amount of educated population: Many individuals who have completed high school in Poland, go on to attend tertiary institutions. Today, Polish students constitute about 10% of the total student population in Europe.

7. Excellent labour conditioning: Labour in Poland is not as pricey as it is in other European countries. There is a large base of highly trained professionals and educated individuals to select from.

8. Foreign Direct Investments: Recently, Poland has experienced a large influx of investment into areas such as automotive research and development centres, modern business services, electronics and chemical industries amongst others. These investments are mainly targeted towards research and aims to improve critical areas of the Polish economy.

9. Investment incentives for foreign companies: Within Poland, there are distinct areas designated as “Special Economic Zones”. There is a total of 14 Special Economic Zones, and these areas attract new investors by offering them a significant tax reduction. The aim is that these new investors will assist in the unemployment burden and make Poland a great investment hub.

10. Tourism and vacations: Poland is blessed with a diverse array of beautiful landscapes that attract lot of foreign tourists. There is also a wide range of recreational activities to select from.

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