Limited liability company in Poland – starting new business to European Union 

LLC – is the specific kind of a legal construction, which contains the best features of partnership and corporate business structures. The proprietors of this type of  company are called shareholders  and they are not personally liable for the company's debts or liabilities. In different countries the number of LLC`s members varies from single individual proprietor, or several individuals, so in Poland it goes the same way. Limited liability company is also known as the most cost-effective form of commercial activity, as it combines the tax-efficiency and operational flexibility of a partnership.

In Poland, LLC company formation is very popular. Several reasons are listed below:

  • firm can be opened remotely;
  • this form of doing business is allowed to have both one and several founders;
  • eligible capital requirements for the company is no less than 5000 PLN and it`s not necessary to keep the money on your bank account;
  • no limits in the choice of areas of economic activity.

The process of setting up a limited company has a lot of important moments, (such as choosing a business name for the firm, preparing the articles of organization, obtaining licenses and permits (if it is needed)) and many others, that can be easily solved by professionals. Oruga Group - is a licensed international provider of business services, competent in all matters, related to the business establishment in Poland and Europe, so the cooperation with our representatives will give you a guarantee of a successful result.

In order to optimize the time, spent on the initial stage, you need to decide in what format you will carry out the business in Poland. As mentioned, the most popular legal form for today is the  private limited company.

Business registration in Poland in any other form is also very beneficial and cost-effective, cause foreigners are offered individual lending programs from leading EU banks and international funds, access to new markets, as well as plenty of personal privilege for a foreign resident and his family members.


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