What is transport license in Poland?

The business areas related to provision of logistics services primarily need professional supervision and planning, especially in case this type of service is rendered by a foreign person. In the entirety of all the preparation activities for business opening, transport license in Poland is one of the main stages, which is obligatory to be implemented, regardless of the specifics of your business (passenger or freight, domestic or international transfer, etc.). Transport license means primarily legalization of your business in Poland; this is an opportunity to derive revenues in a lawful way and avoid risks of imposed penalties. 

Since the Polish government carefully monitors the quality of the goods and services supplied to the domestic market, the requirements for foreign entrepreneurs who have decided to work in the field of transportation deserve special attention. Thus, the transport license in Poland is available if:

  • A foreigner, or an employee of the company providing transportation services has the appropriate qualification profile; 
  • An entrepreneur owns a production base and a storage place for vehicles (different kinds of parking lots, vehicle depots, etc.);
  • A business owner has his own vehicle fleet, or a number of leased cars.

In order to obtain a license for freight transportation in Poland, you should comply with all the above-mentioned requirements and give documentary evidence of your independence in terms of finance and expertise in terms of professional skills. To go beyond one country and effect transfer throughout the EU, you will need licenses for international transportation in Poland, which respectively implies a wider range of requirements to foreign entrepreneurs:

An entrepreneur representing his company shall also have a sufficient reserve of funds in his bank account (in particular, 9000 euros available in the account are enough in case of using a single vehicle, and 5000 euros for each new vehicle in case of replenishment of your vehicle fleet); 

In terms of procedure, obtaining the transport license in Poland can take from two weeks to a month, provided appropriately prepared documents. It shall be extended after expiration of the period of validity. The fee for the issue of the license for international freight transportation in Poland ranges from four to eight thousand PLN; overall it depends on its duration period (5-10 years).

Acquisition of the transport license in Poland with the help of Oruga Group

Despite all of the above-described nuances that may appear as difficulties for you when you open a logistics business in Poland, you will be able to quickly make the way from a beginner to a successful and profitable foreign enterprise following the bright-line expert recommendations. Whether it is a license for transfers within Poland, or international transportation outside, we will help you to concentrate your forces on the procedures actually essential in your case, eliminating all unnecessary and inappropriate expenditures. 

Please check with our consultants how to apply for the license for regular transportation of passengers and cargo, as well as save time and money on starting your business abroad.


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