More Scots favour leaving the United Kingdom.

If the independence referendum was held today, a majority of Scots would vote to leave the United Kingdom, according to a study published on Monday.

Reuters states, in it’s first study since March 2017, that supporters of Scottish independence have a majority of 46 percent. The correspondents said that the referendum will vote for the independence of Scotland from the United Kingdom. Only 43 percent of voters was against it.  Which gives a 52 to 48 percent advantage if eliminating persons not having a firm opinion and not intending to vote.

"In connection with last week’s visit of the new Prime Minister Boris Johnson to Edinburgh I conducted a survey among the Scots to measure the pressure level for the second referendum for independence, and get feedback on independence of Scotland," wrote on the website the author of the research, Lord Ashcroft Ashcroft, who is a political opponent of the new British Prime Minister. He is a member of the currently ruling Conservative Party.

According to the Prime Minister Johnson the issue of Scotland staying as a part of the UK was solved in 2014 when  at the independence referendum, the Scots voted against secession.

However, according to the head of the Autonomous government Nicola Sturgeon, after the UK leaves the European Union, the situation will change dramatically, and a new referendum will give the Scots the opportunity to take their route and choose their future.



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