Services provided by law firms in Poland

Over the last decade Poland managed to prove its economic stability and resilience, what made its domestic market one of the most attractive on the territory of the European Union. Such positive characteristics couldn’t stay unnoticed by foreign entrepreneurs and investors.

The opportunities for law firms in Poland

Basically, there are plenty of various opportunities for international partnerships between law firms. There are many foreign businesses entering the Polish market and start-ups hatching around almost every corner. For these reasons lawyers in Poland, especially with international experience, are nothing but indispensable.

Today, Polish Law is the result of judicial development lasted for many centuries. The Polish Legal System takes its origins from the Continental European Civil Law system that dedicates its core principles to a referable system.

Each business formation needs to solve a set of juridical and legal questions on each level of its development. Thus, most of the companies turn out to be in need of hiring a legal assistance on the territory of Poland. What are the major services provided by the Polish lawyers?

  • speed up the necessary business procedures and transactions within the frames of the state legislation;
  • open business even if the potential owner cannot be in the country during the registration period;
  • be a representative of your interests (a power of attorney should be signed by you).

Law firms in Poland operate with a focus on the solution to the legal problems of customers. During the process, their main concern is, that the solution must be applicable for customer's business profile. Fields, in which Polish law firms can help your business:

  • business law issues;
  • corporate contracts;
  • transfer of ownership;
  • debt collection;
  • labor law;
  • copyright and intellectual property law;
  • taxation issues;
  • special permits, certificated and licenses;
  • civil law, family law, criminal law in Poland;
  • litigation and arbitration in Poland.

What are the major challenges for law firms operating in Poland?

The law firms on the Polish market are represented by two types: small and big. The major problem of the big law firms is that they are hunting for serious clients avoiding some smaller cases with lesser value. That makes them unprepared for the fast-changing market.

What advice can be given to law firms willing to provide legal services in Poland?

It is highly recommended to find someone specializing in local reality, not just in legal matters. Even extensive knowledge of law system can be not enough if not applied along with experience, proficiency and care.


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