Investments Into the Area of Polish Property Still Demonstrate the Strong Inflow

The Head of the B&F Team at Wolf Theiss Warsaw, Przemysław Kozdój, tells that Poland is currently experiencing economy and real estate development boom, alongside with Central Europe’s other thriving countries. The strong tendency of the last years for the growth of GDP can mean that Poland is shifting from the batch of developing countries into the ones with a developed economy.

‘There are several factors of that,’ Mr. Kozdój tells, ‘One of them is that financial flows have activated inside of the country, using the money that was accumulated previously by investors or used in other industries, which now overflow into the real estate development market. The other reason is that Poland receives more money from outside – namely, there is a strong influence of Asian money, which boosts up the M&A market. As the third reason, I would like to highlight the growth of efficiency of labor, which side effect is a shortage of available specialists (which we increasingly have to attract from other countries),’ continues Mr. Kozdój.

7.2 billion Euros in 2018 – it was a record sum of attracted investments, which increased at a jump of 45% compared to the previous year. This signifies that the market is not going to slow down, staying heated, as one of the locomotives of input into the GDP of the country. Poland today is one of the top destinations for multinational capital thanks to the large financial outcome of investments and low tax rates in Poland. There is a large interest in investing in business centers, which today are home for over 280 thousand people working there on an everyday basis, and this amount keeps growing, expecting to add around 60 thousand more to this by the end of 2020 – according to information received from Association of Business Services Leaders, which bases in Warsaw. This city is also one of the centers experiencing a booming growth of real estate development and investments. Poland gains stronger financial liquidity, representing one of the biggest numbers of GDP growth in Central Europe in 2019.

Over the years, the buzz in a vibrant Polish property market only grows, attracting new investors across Europe and the world.


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