Investments in Poland 

Nowadays Poland is considered as one of the best countries for foreign investments. Every year more and more investors take a variety of forms and invest in the Polish market. So what are the benefits for them and how this dynamically developing country successfully attracts so many foreign investors? To learn more about it please look at the section “Why Poland?”.

On our website, we have been collecting data on all services that are useful to potential investors. Oruga Group is pleased to support you by providing professional services in the finance sphere and investments.

FDI – foreign direct investment

Foreign investors get many benefits in Poland. For example, absolute freedom of choice. Investors can independently decide how they want to enter the Polish market.

One of the most popular methods is the creation of a subsidiary in Poland or the acquisition of an existing company. Usually, small and medium-sized enterprises play this role. If your work is related to real estate, then you can enter the market directly or with the help of a holding company.

Creating your legal entity

If you wish, Oruga Group can support you at all stages: from the creation of the company and registration to the issue resolution processes with the documents. Therefore, we are also looking for the location for your company as follows: offices, warehouses, and other premises.

Teamwork includes negotiating, dealing, restructuring, and integration. Please check out more details in the section "M & A" on our website.

FPI – foreign portfolio investment

The nature of the investment can be different. The specific necessary steps for further work depend on it. Within our competence, we can distinguish the preparation of a report and the provision of a list of goals to a client. The report includes analysis based on which it is possible to determine how much the goals correspond to the scheme and investment criteria. The consultation also includes a recommendation of the selection of a stockbroker, representation during meetings on your behalf. It is possible to use additional tools.

Our assistance in Investment

What do we offer? Our offer includes comprehensive business consulting services in Poland, taking into account the specifics of the country’s legislation. In our work, we involve specialists from different areas – realtors, accountants, recruiters, corporate services and other profiles.

We are also ready to help you in any matter related to investing in Poland and to tell a lot more about the support of your foreign investments. Feel free to contact us at any convenient time for you!


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