Invest in Aviation – Strike Gold: EU, UAE, Global

Looking for a great investment opportunity? Invest in aviation and win big. 

Such was the message from Frederico Fernandez at the European Business & Investment Summit (EBIS) in Warsaw, Poland. And who can advise on the matter better than the project manager of the world-leading aviation investment platform, supported by the General Civil Aviation Authority of UAE.

Air Transport – Strong Global Industry

Frederico’s EBIS presentation left no doubt that in the face of global economic and political challenges, the sector remains powerful, with a strong focus on sustainable development. The numbers speak for themselves. 

  • If aviation were a country, it would rank 20th in size by GDP, comparable to Switzerland or Argentina.
  • The sector supports 65.5 million jobs globally.
  • It contributes $2.7 trillion in global economic activity.
  • Nearly 1,300 airlines operate a global fleet of over 31,000 aircraft in more than 4,000 airports.
  • Over 170 navigation service providers manage the air route network that stretches over several million kilometers.
  • The global total of 4.1 billion passengers in 2017 is estimated to double by 2037.
  • In 2017, 61 million tonnes of freight were carried by air, with the cargo valued at $6 trillion.
  • The sector has shown steady growth throughout its entire history, proving highly resilient in the face of oil crises, the rise of terrorism, ongoing wars, and global recession. 

The global outlook for aviation remains cheerful with astounding projections – by 2036, the sector is expected to support 97.8 million jobs and contribute $5.7 trillion in economic activity.

Versatile Opportunities in Aviation

In addressing EBIS guests, Frederico made it clear that aviation goes beyond planes, cargo, and passengers. He showed that the sector readily embraces new opportunities, with the focus on emerging technologies and sustainable solutions.

The passenger drone market, to rise in 2025, is estimated at $230 billion, going hand-in-hand with the investment in hardware, law & regulation, infrastructure, and operators.
Blockchain, one of the latest revolutionary technologies, holds numerous applications and is a vibrant ecosystem for young start-ups. 
Due to the increased focus on environmental concerns and energy costs, an investment spike is expected in the sustainability sector in support of solutions, services, and innovations.
Aviation is heavily focused on innovations in connectivity, data, and AI. With the possibilities of 5G technology, it uses these high-value solutions to improve communication, interaction, and forecasting client demands.

Poland Aviation Investment Climate

With the EU holding a global ranking as one of the most important air travel markets, countries like Poland remain attractive to investors thanks to their robust growth and development.

  • Poland has the 17th largest aviation market in Europe (IATA Air connectivity Index).
  • The country showed an 84% increase in air connectivity in five years, between 2013 and 2018.
  • In 2017, 18.8 million passengers departed from Poland's airports.
  • In 2016, the aviation industry in Poland supported 136, 000 direct & indirect jobs.
  • The sector contributed $4 billion to the national GDP in 2016.
  • The Polish government supports the existing opportunities in the sector. It is developing a strong National Airspace Strategy to provide tools for boosting the sector and removing existing growth restraints. 

According to Frederico, now – while the strategy is being developed – is the perfect time to connect with Polish organizations, startups, and investors and take the prime opportunity in maximizing on the sector’s development. 

Parties interested in investing in Poland can direct inquiries to Olga Fleming – the founding partner of Oruga Group, investment and business strategic developer, and legal advisor – at Meanwhile, our team at Oruga Group continues to seek out the best investment opportunities and will present them at the next EBIS in November 2020.


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