Incentives for Small Businesses in Poland

Matteusz Morawiecki announced plans for a special package for entrepreneurs, which includes, among other things, 500+ program for business. Thanks to the changes, the smallest entrepreneurs will be able to save on monthly ZUS (social security) contributions. At the moment qualifications and other incentives besides 500 plus for entrepreneurs are verified.

The Prime Minister signed a special package for entrepreneurs, which includes: 500+ for business and other small incentives for small businesses, fixed ZUS for bigger enterprises, a simple PIT up to 2 million euro revenue, a reduction of CIT tax to 9% for businesses with revenue up to 2 million euro and 1 billion zloty support fund of direct support to investors.

The government "package for entrepreneurs" includes 5 main things that were presented during the session.

Who is qualified for 500 plus for businesses?

This is an offer for the smallest entrepreneurs who should receive only 500 zloty per month. Small businesses have complained for a long time about high social security contributions.

The new benefits will mainly affect those who run a small business, and, consequently, their income is slightly higher than 5000 zloty. The profit margins should be from 5250 zloty to 10 000 zloty. Mainly those who earn up to 6 000 zloty per month will save the most. Financial changes will be most noticeable for those who bear the high costs of doing business.

One-time ZUS for other entrepreneurs will remain the same.

Mateusz Morawiecki assured that all other entrepreneurs fixed rates will remain unchanged. The contribution will still be around 60% of the average salary.

Corporate Income Tax in Poland 9%

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki also  introduced changes of a nine percent CIT tax that is now applicable to the revenue of up to 2 million euros.

Billions of zloty for direct support of investors

The government also wants to allocate a billion zloty for direct support of investors as part of the package of changes for entrepreneurs. Details of the application for funding have not yet been specified yet.


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