The Importance of Training and Development 

Training for personnel becoming an important factor in modern corporate success. 

Online education is an affordable and convenient way to receive education of good quality. Without having to ask for a break, employees can refresh their knowledge faster.

It's officially confirmed that companies invest a specific amount of budget in employees' education each year, in order to show higher revenue and profit margin comparing to the firms that do not do so.

Managers understand the importance of corporate training and the challenging reality of running business nowadays.

Investing money in education helps business stay financially stable as a result of the constant development of employee skills.

According to Training Industry Research, global corporate training market is growing every year. In 2018, companies spent $366 billion to train their employees. According to industry experts, this amount will grow by 10% in 2022. The most popular areas of development are coaching, communication, teamwork, innovation management, negotiation, etc.

PWC's data showed that 80% of CEOs admit that currently, the need for new skills of employees is the biggest challenge for PWC.

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