Innovative Modern Solutions in the Construction of Commercial Real Estate in the Warsaw HUB Complex

Currently, we can witness the growth of the Warsaw HUB complex. Builders are erecting three structures. Also, an underpass leading to the second subway line is under construction.

The Warsaw HUB is a piece of a modern business center in the Polish capital. The complex is supposed to have an 86-metre hotel and two 130-metre office towers. They will be connected by a five-floors façade at the Towarowa street. This project is unique in terms of its size and technology used.

“The new project is unique in terms of its size and technology used. It will offer plenty of advanced solutions missing in other contemporary office towers.

Construction progress

Seventeen floors of the hotel are already finished. Works with the façade continue. It will have 22 floors. The whole building is supposed to be finished in October 2018. The office towers are also in process. The first one has 10 floors already. Brackets for the glass façade panels will be established soon. The second office tower has 5 floors already. The idea is to finish the works in 2019 – 2020.

Complex with an access to subway

The Warsaw HUB will have a direct access to the subway which is rare in the Polish capital. Construction of the underpass between complex and platforms started in August. It will go to the convenience center at the -1 level which is already finished. The convenience center will offer many services, including a grocery store, places to eat, shops etc.

Parking lot for bicycles

One of the advantages of the Warsaw Hub is that it will offer a convenient access to public transport lines. In addition, there will be a big parking lot for more than 400 bicycles. Cyclists will have a place to take shower and lock their belongings. A separate road is foreseen to guarantee safety to cyclists.

Multi-purpose space

The place will offer more than 110,000 sq m of space for various purposes, for instance, modern office premises, meeting rooms, commercial spaces, a 1500 sq m fitness center. A Holiday Inn Express and Crowne Plaza will be located here. Together, they will offer almost 450 rooms and suites.

One of the British banks has chosen the Warsaw HUB to be its center for worldwide business services. It will take 3600 sq m for about 750 employees.

Also, the complex will have a co-working space which has no analogies. It is expected that the place will take in the center where large business meets startups.

Modern technology

The tenants of the complex will utilize modern technology solutions. It will be possible to enter the building with a smartphone app or get into the parking lot by a license plate recognition system. It will be also possible to recharge your electric vehicle there. The complex will get power from three sources. People will be able to use their own generators as well.


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