How to Stay Motivated?

In this article I’m sharing quite a few tips on how to stay motivated. I know this is a frequent question, like how do I do, how do I stay motivated, keep procrastinating and stuff and stuff, you know. The question is that you probably will not be motivated if you listen to everyone around, because whenever you try to pitch your idea to someone from your surroundings, people are not very welcoming.

It’s like every time they try to stop you. And it’s not because they are not wishing you something good or they against you, no. It’s just because our mental programs are kind of different and what people normally have set up in their minds is that you have to find a job, you have to finish school, you have to do this and that and probably entrepreneurship is not really the path you have to follow. And maybe this idea is too crazy and maybe this and that, and many other things.

Actually what’s really important for you, I’m not saying you should keep your ideas to yourself but find a group of peers that will actually support you. That helps many people especially startups and this coworking idea is really great because it keeps people very motivated.

They see other people growing, getting some funds, gettings something else, finding first clients, developing something. If you are surrounded by people who are motivated, who are pushing their lives and trying their best, then you obviously will try your best too. If you share with someone who is not actually the right person, they do not wish you any bad but they are not really with the same mindset, it will not bring you anything good.

You Need to Set Goals and Abjectives

Obviously self-motivation is very important, you can get some rituals like coffee or coworking space, coffee breaks, just to get in the mood or maybe meditation. Everyone has different things and actually self-motivation is super important because it’s very hard for someone from the outside to motivate you, even like big events, probably even Tony Robbins. They can get you into the event, you will stay motivated for a few days but then you have to know how to motivate yourself.

And actually motivation is about what you do on a daily basis. If you’re again going back to the tasks and goals, many people set too many goals, too many tasks and never accomplish. You have to plan your day just because you have to plan your time off as well. You have to plan your hobbies so that you would know what actually brings you pleasure during the day and it’s very much easier for your mind to accept what you have to do.

I’ve shared already quite a few tips on how to set your goals and how to find something that actually you want to do. But what I really think you should do to stay motivated is to understand that risk is normal. I mean, especially for entrepreneurs. Obviously, in the daily job you can also achieve better results and I’m not really saying that entrepreneurship is the only path to go because there are people who are much better employees, they can get really high positions and they are ok with it.

I mean seriously wherever they go, everyone wants them. But it’s because they are not procrastinating, they are always developing themselves. They are trying to get the best possible ideas and stuff. So, basically to summarize the decision extent you should always surround yourself with the right people, who motivate you, probably people who earn more, so that you could try to grow all the time to their level and try to get to a higher and higher circle with time.

The second is actually what you are trying to surround by yourself and to understand that anything can happen, it’s just life is life, right. So, basically keeping self-motivation level very low is actually just procrastinating and understanding that nothing will change.

Life is Risky as Well

If you are procrastinating, it’s not only about completing the task but also you should understand that if you are procrastinating your life will not change. Then many people get demotivated by risks. But life is risky as well. You can fly somewhere or just get in the car and get an accident. So, in my opinion getting risks is just normal thing and obviously there are ups and downs in every business but it’s not like you should get disappointed, right.

Or in the job, someone got promoted, you didn’t get promoted, you are already discouraged or disappointed. If you didn’t get promoted, there is always way to check what you should upgrade. Same with business, same with something else. You should always find the way to kind of adjust.

So, I hope these tips will help you because this is super important to stay actually motivated all the time just for you to know that this is crucial, self-motivation is crucial and nobody will be able to motivate you if you are not self-motivated.

Article by Olga Fleming 


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