How to be a Successful Female Entrepreneur

When you grow business internationally, you should remember not only about cultural background but also who you are dealing with. Being a female entrepreneur sometimes may be challenging, but from another side, it gives lots of opportunities. Oruga Group Founding Partners Olga Fleming tells us how to be a successful female entrepreneur and what is lacking in a female entrepreneur community.

“When someone is looking at you: "Oh, you're so young and what can you tell me in a few minutes?". Actually, when you're an expert, it changes drastically. So I think, what actually is lacking in the female entrepreneurs' community is that they don’t know if it’s enough by themselves, because I can see the changes in the legal environment”, - says Olga Fleming.

Currently, there are many great female lawyers, entrepreneurs who are doing a lot of things and they are doing it well. Women should accept every rejection as a challenge to become stronger. The point of doing nothing is wrong and, unfortunately, some women may be caused by this.

“That's why there're not so many female startups or being founded by Angel investors also, but we get discouraged. And actually, we don't need empowerment, but probably we need someone who tells us: "Hey, you should try once again, once again, once again". Even 100 times sometimes is not enough”, - adds Olga.

Also, Olga gives advice to all women. You should know your strong points and continue moving forward using it. Fails and rejection should motivate but never discourage.

“We're more specific, if we're really dedicated to one task, we will definitely do it. No matter what, even if we have to spend more time, and female only say male on it: "OK, I'm tired, I'm sick of it.” It’s OK on this level, but for us, we're very strategic and we do every thing step by step”.


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