Hacking Marathon on the Topic of Artificial Intelligence at Elon Musk Home

The famous innovator and billionaire Elon Musk wrote on his twitter that he was going to hold the Tesla hackathon to solve problems with AI (artificial intelligence). He called the upcoming event “a super fun party / hackathon on artificial intelligence” and announced that invitations to the hackathon would be sent out soon.

The reason Musk organizes a marathon for developers is the problem with accelerating Tesla's autopilot, created on the basis of artificial intelligence. Billionaire gathers developers who should help make Tesla's autopilot more reliable and secure.

Despite the fact that all claims regarding the existing autopilot were rejected by the company, Elon Musk intends to improve this function in his vehicles, since he expects that in the near future no less than a million such Tesla cars will travel around the world. According to him, all cars are equipped with all the necessary equipment and facilities so that they can safely navigate on public roads.

You Need to Code in Python

To take part in the upcoming hackathon, you need to have the skill of hardcore coding, that is, you need not only to be able to write code to solve a specific problem, but also have to be able to do it quickly. Regardless of whether you have a special education or not, to confirm the skill of such coding, you will need to pass the appropriate test to show your skills. You need to code in Python, which is most suitable for solving high-speed tasks that are relevant when it regards to piloting a car.

In addition to autopilot programming, Tesla is going to build independently special chips for artificial intelligence. For this purpose, the Mask’s company also invites chips creators to its team of designers who are ready to develop and product high-end chips.

Nevertheless, despite the efforts made to work on artificial intelligence and its development, the creator of Tesla Motors believes that these neural networks can pose a threat to humanity if you do not keep them under control and in a strict framework. On the other hand, investing companies are interested in those opportunities for profit, which contains the technology of artificial intelligence.

Source www.twitter.com


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