Gold and Silver Investment

Many people look at the gold investment like, ‘oh not really, why gold investment, it was not growing’. But if you look at the recessions, lockdowns... You will notice that lockdown happened for the first time in modern history, and if you look at the recession historically, each time when we have a global recession, gold investment was always performing well. Basically, this is the type of asset which was super popular during every recession. You may already know that we always look at the historical data to understand what is going to happen to the market because in most cases the history repeats itself.

Invest in Gold

Basically, gold now already is growing and many asset managers, companies, fund managers, trust managers and private portfolio managers are already looking and are purchasing this type of asset and looking in this type of direction. There is one type of metal that overperformed even gold, silver, which is super surprising, and it happened during previous recession as well. This is other thing you probably should keep an eye at. 

This is interesting because normally gold investment is always very stable, and this is the type of an asset I should say not very profitable but very stable during normal times. But during every recession it keeps growing because people consider this asset class as a very stable, as a very exchangeable asset class and this is very important for you to keep that in mind.

Invest in Silver

There are also other asset classes that you may consider also within the scope of silver and gold. If you do not really want to follow managers, fund managers and all those companies, that’s not the information from the internet I talk to fund managers, I talk to my friends that are actually portfolio managers as well. They confirmed my thoughts on that topic and most of them, let’s say owners and shareholders and all those management folks, kind of support this thought that gold and silver are the items they should look for.

On the other hand, there is another type of asset, which is somehow related to gold and silver but not necessarily gold and silver itself. They are mining companies and asset prices growing, then mining companies are also growing. You should look also into this direction if you are more of a stock investor or let’s say you are not welcoming gold specifically like having this metal. Also, maybe you don’t have this access in your specific country, it happens, right? There is a variety of opportunities and varieties of obstacles that you may face when you really want to invest in this type of asset.

How to Invest During a Recession?

What’s more, considering the mining companies is something you have easy access to. You also can track some data and you can see also how it impacted the previous recessions and how those companies were performing previously. I consider those tips to be very important and you can start investing specifically in mining companies from not so big money. So, buying some amount of gold is probably more expensive than having some stocks. So, considerably safe investment with quite nice ROI is something you can consider during recession because we don’t know yet how long this all recession will take, and how ow hard it will be hitting the market. Probably next step will be collapse of the real estate market and we have already seen some consequences. So, basically, we are talking about the overall situation we cannot predict now. Analysts say that it’s going to be massive, some try still to pull the plug and say estate that nothing major will happen, that would be the regular recession. Well it depends, and it will be at least a little bit bigger than regular recession that we had even in 2009 but there are always massive opportunities when we face recessions and we always know how to look for them.

If we implement our investment strategies properly with caution, you will be making money through gold or silver, while others are panicking over the recession. If you already are in the industry, you will probably find several companies that you might really want to work with. On the other hand, you also will develop some kind of willingness to check what happened to the market previously, what happened to those companies before and maybe you will consider these type of asset just for the security reasons of your future investments.

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