Vilnius, Viladecans, and Treviso Crowned European Green Cities of 2025

The European Green Cities 2025 Awards were announced today in Tallinn, Estonia, the current European Green Capital. Vilnius in Lithuania emerged as the 2025 European Green Capital, while Viladecans in Spain and Treviso in Italy earned the title of European Green Leaf 2025 for smaller cities.

Virginijus Sinkevičius, the Commissioner for Environment, Oceans, and Fisheries, applauded the achievements of Vilnius, Viladecans, and Treviso, welcoming them to the prestigious European Green Cities community. He acknowledged their dedication to creating greener, healthier, and more livable cities for their residents. Sinkevičius emphasized the pressing need for cities to adapt to unpredictable weather patterns and drastically reduce emissions, making green cities a crucial solution.

Vilnius: A Down-to-Earth Approach to Greenness

Vilnius, the 2025 European Green Capital Winner, stood out for its practical approach to sustainability. The city's motto, "Vilnius - the greenest city in the making," is driven by a clear vision and tangible actions. Vilnius has significantly reduced emissions by increasing renewable energy sources and renovating heating infrastructure, aiming to achieve climate neutrality by 2030. The city intertwines sustainability efforts with residents' well-being, focusing on clean air, water, biodiversity preservation, green spaces, and more. Vilnius employs innovative tech-oriented citizen engagement through an app, allowing residents to participate in various aspects of city management and planning.

Viladecans: Positivity and Community Engagement

Viladecans, a European Green Leaf winner, impressed the jury with its positive approach to inspire behavioral change. The city fosters enthusiasm and positivity as it engages its community in the green transition. Residents and stakeholders participate in decision-making processes, and the city has made significant strides in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Viladecans will focus on two parallel goals: ecological transition and promoting a healthy lifestyle, demonstrating that a positive approach to sustainability can inspire residents and other cities toward a greener future.

European Green Cities of 2025

Treviso: Embracing Change with Innovation

Treviso, another European Green Leaf winner, showcased its unwavering commitment to embracing change through innovative approaches. The city employs storytelling, intergenerational communication, and gamification to engage residents, particularly the youth. Treviso aims to double the number of trees and continually pushes the boundaries of sustainability. The city's past achievements serve as motivation to strive for a more sustainable future.

As the 2025 European Green Capital, Vilnius will receive a financial prize of €600,000 to implement measures that enhance its environmental sustainability. European Green Leaf 2025 winners, Viladecans and Treviso, will each receive a financial prize of €200,000 to support their ongoing efforts.

A total of 14 cities competed for these prestigious awards. An international panel of seven independent urban sustainability experts evaluated each application and shortlisted five finalist cities. These finalists underwent interviews with an international jury composed of representatives from the European Commission, Committee of the Regions, Covenant of Mayors Office, European Environment Agency, and European Environment Bureau.

The European Union acknowledges that cities play a pivotal role in realizing the European Green Deal's objectives, including achieving a low-carbon, resource-efficient, clean, sustainable, and resilient society. With over 70% of Europeans residing in urban areas, cities play a crucial role in environmental and economic transformations. The European Green Capital and European Green Leaf Awards aim to encourage cities to become cleaner, greener, and more committed to achieving ambitious environmental goals outlined in the European Green Deal. Winning these awards not only enhances a city's profile but also fosters optimism, attracts investments, and improves citizens' quality of life.


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