Decisions taken at EU summit are consistent with Polish interests

The recent EU summit in Brussels has accepted countries that include Poland and other states from the Eastern European cluster, including Hungary, Estonia, and the Czech Republic. As a result of the summit, the proposal to adopt targets for carbon emissions was blocked. The Polish Prime Minister replied that his main duty was to protect the interests of Poland, so the initiative related to climate change was refuted, as extremely harmful, in particular, for companies and the Polish economy.

The European Union has expressed a desire to participate and fully control carbon emissions. The goal was the complete elimination of such emissions by 2050. Most states supported this initiative, even though this means a transition to green energy – for example, obtained through wind and solar farms. However, Poland is a country that receives most of its energy from coal-based electricity, so for Poland, this transition means a sharp increase in electricity prices.

The Prime Minister expressed his intention to continue to support an ambitious and innovative climate policy. However, he did not acknowledge that businessmen in Poland incur costs that are not commensurate with energy consumption and emissions that are given so much attention.

The Polish authorities stressed out the need to abolish the mandatory transition from coal to green energy for those countries that are not so technologically advanced. Poland is one of the countries that do not have access to carbon-neutral sources. It was also stressed out that Poland already has a developed internal plan for energy and climate policy. Unfortunately, the transformation of energy is associated with costs, and their analysis, based on which the script will be compiled, according to experts, must be written in Poland.


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