Types of Companies in Poland

Many businessmen from different countries are increasingly attracted by the purchase of a Polish company. Stable economic development of Poland, which, according to the results of last year, is in the TOP-5 countries by this indicator, the proximity of an attractive European market, as well as a fairly simple and quick process of registering a business in Poland, which allows you to become an owner of a company here in just a few hours. After signing the documents, you become the owner and you can immediately carry out your activities both in the Polish and European markets.

Companies from other countries of the European Union are showing interest in markets and companies from Poland, which allows the owners of Polish companies to establish profitable business relationships and conclude highly profitable contracts.

In addition, Poland today is the largest European manufacturer in many industries, including medical and pharmaceutical, which attracts a large number of investments from all over the world to embrace the Polish economy and Polish companies.

Register your new company in Poland today to take full advantage of the fast growing European economy and an attractive investment climate. We are ready to provide you with all the necessary detailed information about Polish companies here.

Types of Polish companies and their features

Any foreigner who has reached the age of majority can start a business in Poland. To do this, you need to have a valid passport and 5,000 zlotys, which shall be deposited into the statutory fund of the company, in case of founding LLC. After that, you just need to prepare the paperwork required and have them submitted to the relevant Polish authorities for business registration.

A foreign enterprise in Poland can be registered as a branch or representative office of foreign companies, foreigner can also set up a Joint-Stock (S.A.), Limited Partnership (SP.K) and limited liability companies (Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością - abbreviated as Sp. Z o.o.) that are the most popular form of enterprise among foreigners in Poland. Foreigner can also set up a Joint Stock Partnership or sole proprietorship in certain cases.

Limited liability company has its popularity due to the fact that the probable losses of a company of this form are reimbursed by the authorized capital. Moreover, Sp. z o.o does not have any restrictions for foreign shareholders and can be managed by just one director.

Joint stock companies in Poland will be a more attractive option for establishing a company in Poland for larger commercial organizations. This type of arranging allows one to participate in raising open funds. To do this, when registering a company, you will immediately need to deposit at least a quarter of the authorized capital, the total amount of which cannot be less than 100 thousand zlotys. A joint-stock company should be managed by a system consisting of two governing bodies. In addition, an audit of the company's activities and accounts should be carried out annually.

Partnership companies in Poland have several subtypes that differ from each other in terms of the degree of liability of partners as follows: 

- General Partnership with equal responsibility without restrictions of all members participating in the partnership, which is very convenient for partners conducting small business activities;

- Limited Partnership also not having a minimum limitation on the amount of the authorized capital. The structure of such a company includes at least two entities, whose liability is divided into limited and unlimited.

- In addition, one of the types of Partnerships is Limited Joint-Stock Partnership, which management occurs both partners who are responsible for the company's activities to varying degrees, and shareholders. The minimum authorized capital must be PLN 50 thousand.

Sole proprietor or individual entrepreneur business is the simplest format of doing business in Poland, suitable for small companies, with minimal requirements and simplified taxation but highly restricted for foreign entrepreneurs, unless having a specific type of a residence permit or EU passport.

How acceptable are the business conditions in Poland? 

Despite the country's socialist past for decades after the Second World War, today Poland has one of the most favorable conditions for doing business among European countries. To attract foreign investment, the country's government has reduced bureaucratic pressures and reduced taxes for businesses. In addition, there are no obstacles in this country for the withdrawal of capital from Poland to the country of its origin. At the same time, it is worth considering the relatively complex accountancy, and the rather strict legislation regarding it, so it is worth using the services of accountants specializing in Polish bookkeeping, whom we are ready to help find for you if necessary.

In addition to the attractive regulatory climate in the country, in accordance with European financial programs, grants may be available in Poland to stimulate business startups ownered by foreign entrepreneurs, which can act as powerful financial incentives for the purchase or registration of a company.

Personnel search in Poland is not a difficult task with the assistance of professionals. Despite the improvement in the economic conditions in the country and the decrease in unemployment in Poland, there are a large number of both highly qualified specialists and regular workers.

How can I get more information about Registering a Company in Poland?

If you are ready to use a wonderful opportunity to open a business or buy a ready-made company in one of the most dynamic economies of the European Union and the world, then our company with extensive experience in this area will help you with all matters related to organizing your business in Poland, from the initial acquisition information to full support when registering your Polish company.


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