Record Rental Commercial Property in the CEDET Building in Warsaw

The renovation of the CEDET building in Warsaw is almost finished. However, it has no space for lease already. The first renters will come in at the end of 2018.

The renovation works have lasted for 3 years. The new complex is ready to provide 22,328 sq m for offices and 7,062 sq m for retail. The company paid much attention to the historical and cultural importance of the place, so the building will have its former fame again.

“When working on the CEDET building renovation, we considered its history and did everything possible to adapt it to the modern reality and needs. We tried to make it an important place in Warsaw where the citizens can meet as they used to. I can admit that we achieved the goal. Warsaw citizens will have a nice building which will add value to the urban space in that location. It will make it all more appealing”, said the renovation company representative.

An American company gets its first location in Central Europe

An American company which provides collaborative workspaces will get its first premises in Central Europe. Companies of different sizes will have more than 4,000 sq m of innovative space for their activities, including an internal patio of more than 270 sq m.

“Poland can be proud of its creative people and successful businesses. Currently, this is a rising economy opened to large businesses as well as smaller companies. We strive to give our members premises and services which will inspire them to work fostering cooperation with like-minded individuals. We are happy to be here. The place has a perfect location close to the Centrum subway station which makes it is easier for our members to commute. We like the space a lot”, added a representative of the American company.

The construction company will hit its 2018 target

“The company is currently involved in the construction of more than 800,000 sq m. Since CEDET has no more spots for lease, we can now concentrate on its disposal. In case it is successful, it will have a positive impact on our 2018 results letting us reach the intended business plan. We will announce our results for the first 6 months on September 12, 2018. We are encouraged by the number of residential projects achieving their sales goals. Our teams are working a lot on getting more clients”, said the construction company representative.


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