Capital Market Development Strategy from the Ministry

What were the main challenges for the Polish capital market development? How to overcome obstacles and simplify investors’ lives? Those are the main issues lawmakers considered when working on the Capital Market Development Strategy. The adopted document will help to bring some structure to the future of the Polish capital markets.

The Strategy has four objectives: to build trust in the market, to protect investors, to provide legal statements and supervision regulation, to use new technology. The solutions presented in the Strategy will make access to financing easier and costs to obtain capital lower.

The Ministry representatives made the list of 20 problems which Polish investors faced. Some of these problems were small savings, bad financial education, the unattractiveness of IPO, old technology in the main segments of the market, tough regulations from one side and legal loopholes from another, unattractive incentives for the market players.

Among others, the Strategy offers tax incentives to investors, strategy for financial education, severe due diligence procedures, smaller IPO costs, bringing in new technology. The government is encouraging the country’s citizens to make long-term savings and also want to see investment from Poles that left the country.

The adopted Strategy is a part of a long-term development plan of the Polish government, known as Responsible Development Strategy.


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