Business Trends 2020

In this article I wanted to talk to you about business trends 2020 and which business is the best to do in 2020 or how to develop your business in 2020. Because it’s the beginning of the year everyone is thinking of implementing new strategies that will be really really cool if you could use this knowledge to boost your business or to start developing your business.

And, the first tip I want to share with you is that there is a trend for anything sharing. Why anything sharing? Because there is already car sharing, real estate sharing in terms of time-sharing and different kinds of scooters and many many other things actually which you have seen already in many regions in many countries. The very interesting thing is that it’s not going to stop on that.

Probably that would develop to many other kinds of sectors. If you look at aviation sector, probably at the moment it’s not but if you look at the car manufacturing sector, nowadays there are many many offers for and probably not specifically time sharing but at the moment they offer leasing, in terms of you do not own a car, like you do not have to buy the car at the end. Then, on the other hand, there is an H&M brand which implemented the following rule: it’s only a test period and it’s only probably in Stockholm if I’m not mistaken but this brand is actually preparing the project for clothes sharing.

There are a few more trends somehow related to this one. For example, coworking, which is kind of also sharing one space with many many other people and that motivates you to work and you are staying in surroundings that is actually super super helpful. The other trend is also related to this one. It’s actually being touchy with your audience, networking. You can implement networking in a few various ways, for example, you can make bigger breaks during your conferences or any other types of events, it doesn’t even matter.

You can extend it from 15 to 30 minutes and people are really really thankful for that. On the other hand, there is a community trend, which actually also comes out of this networking because people have an urge to have surroundings of the same people, similar minded people and there are various business clubs like communities, female entrepreneurs, for regular entrepreneurs, for tech entrepreneurs and many many other things. Just use it for your advantage and you may think “Oh, business clubs have been existing for how many years but not very specific and niche ones.”

And since we are on the coffee break in a very nice area, it’s actually an old town in another part of the real old town Dubai. There are many different very nice shops, coffee shops, art centers, and stuff. And actually the next tip I want to share with you guys is Health tip.

Business Clubs Like Communities, Female Entrepreneurs, for Regular Entrepreneurs

We can see the trend being developed for the recent few years but in the next few years, it will take even more development just because companies that have been kind of implementing these healthy tips by now, those are mainly gym centers and some health centers and healthy food. But there are so many other things where you can implement this healthy thrive like if you have a restaurant you can have it totally healthy.

There are quite a few already in the European market but since I travel a lot, I concerned that in other regions there are not so many. So, people who for example are vegans or vegetarians, they suffer a lot because there are no dishes on the menu and that’s how you can attract your extra additional audience. And there is behind it a lot of value, you can develop for the health and care. For example the first different kinds of apps that help you to keep your mental health, there are quite many but they are mainly kind of different apps for different stuff. There is nothing combined.

Obviously, apps are a separate topic. Very useful things, there is a kind of trend for any business owner to have an app. In certain ways it’s a good thing, in certain ways it’s not very good but let’s keep it like. I mean if you have a really great idea for app useful to people you can use it a lot, and it will be definitely a great product. Then for sure start developing it and it will be rather a tech product.

But on the other hand, there is a trend for fast things like everyone wants everything to be super fast and comfortable. We don’t want kind of to leave our comfort zone and we have a very fast life. I mean we do everything super fast and at the end of the day you want at least all those things that are being developed for me and to be actually for me not just you know some stuff that actually does not help me at all but I have to go somewhere to get it or like you know Amazon actually had a great one of its success tips, I guess is that it actually developed something that you don’t even have to leave the house to get this stuff.

So, another tip is sustainable because everything is going to be sustainable. If you are going to develop something better, more innovative and more sustainable but within the same price, people definitely will go for a sustainable one. So, basically upgrading the products that already exist on the market but making it more sustainable.

Even if it’s cheaper I assure you that there are most of the companies that are going to switch to your product instead of buying the previous one. Because it’s also for branding, it’s good for big companies to build branding also of sustainability. Another one is actually eliminating the human factor.

Actually human mistakes, any service, any app - anything that will help to eliminate human mistakes in many other businesses, in many many specific businesses. People would implement it because we are humans, we cannot eliminate it without technic. There are already apps that are specific businesses, you can implement it or check what is not available on the market yet and start developing some apps or websites that will help actually to get you also more kind of result base. If you increase results, if you increase efficiency and productivity then it will be much better and for sure this app will be super popular and implemented in different businesses.

Freelance Like Upwork

I also advise you actually to use something in a specific niche, right so you don’t develop something general, you are trying to implement it to specific niches and small products and divide it to spheres. Later on of course again you can start developing many other sectors and it will be much easier for you to start from something smaller. And last but not least, something that actually helps people to earn money fast.

I’m not saying big money, ok. But there are many people who are actually in some trouble, some situations but there are many websites that help to do freelance like Upwork, Freelancer, and many many other stuff. There are websites that help you to do reviews on specific products and you get some money for it. If you also make this product, for example, possible, if it’s possible obviously from the legal point of view and other stuff now and depending on how clients pay, on the website.

So basically some extra money for various, let’s say ages, I think it will be super helpful because you know nowadays something that helps people to get money or helps people to find a job faster or to develop business faster it’s something that is actually very very needed. There is lots of information on the market but they do not necessarily know which one is right and correct. So, I hope those tips will help you guys to boost business in 2020.

Article by Olga Fleming 


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