Business Strategies and Planning for Startups. How to do that?

WARSAW — Oruga Group Founding Partner Olga Fleming became one of the speakers at the 10th Wolves Summit, the international business conference which was held on 23-24 October 2019 in Warsaw, Poland.

During the acceleration panel: the best European Strategies, Olga shared her thoughts about business development strategies with startup founders and beginning entrepreneurs from all over the world.

"Many startups start with a great idea but they lack strategies and planning. How to do that? There are so many ways to optimize business, even though it's a startup, but they think small and they don't see the full picture. In a few years, what are their earnings and the profits they get are not optimized?" - said Olga Fleming.

Not seeing the full picture is a mistake on the way to succeed. Proper planning, strategy, legal planning, overall resources like, for example, employees, etc. all these things must be thought in advance.


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