Business conference in Poland

Speaking of business training in general, it should not go unmentioned that such social activities bring fresh ideas not only for beginners but also for experienced representatives of the commercial sector. According to the concept, it ialways involves presentation and discussion of new strategies and business principles, and that's where the maximum profit for participants lies – they become owners of the unique information with a ready-made guidance on its application.

Speaking of a business conference in the context of Poland, it is first and foremost worth noting that you get an opportunity to learn from a successful European company with the years-long practice. It can bring you much more value than development and innovation of marketing masters in the CIS. At the first glance, the difference is only a change in the geography of the event, but in the course of the training you will be able to experience significant differences.

Conferences on doing business in Poland from Oruga Group

Owing to European traditions, the principles of doing business established in the EU countries are more fundamental, balanced and verified by time. Business conferences in Poland from Oruga Group is a visual confirmation of that fact. You will find a team of professionals from various fields (finance, investment, consulting, real estate, law, customs services, sales, logistics, etc.) represented by this event provider, that enables a company to implement a comprehensive approach in dealing with any problem which means working in several planes at the same time.

Our business conference in Poland includes:

  • Intensive course of lectures;
  • Interactive communication and consulting;
  • Presentation and examples of up-to-date business schemes;
  • Introduction to potential business partners.

During the conference, you will learn about the difficulties that may arise in the process of opening a company abroad, and this will help you to avoid all sorts of mistakes in the future. One of the benefits of taking part in Oruga Group's training will be an opportunity to establish personal contacts with leading experts on immigration and business issues, as well as to be serviced by our company on preferential terms thereafter. 

"Business in Poland" are a set of conferences held by Oruga Group on an ongoing basis. Their goal is not only to create an information platform to open a new business in the EU, but also the transfer / adaptation of existing businesses in Europe, as well as searching for business partnerr, in cooperation with whom the Oruga Group team would run the already tried and tested business projects in the EU and CIS territory.


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