BNPPRE Will Look for Tenants for an Office Building in Warsaw

The team which represents landlord at BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland will be searching for renters for the unoccupied rooms in the Vipol Plaza which is composed of three buildings. The place boasts with the efficient floor arrangement which makes it possible to exploit the premises in the most efficient manner. It is interesting to note that the place can host a sports center too.

A representative of the company said that they are happy to take the responsibility of finding the best tenants for the office buildings with so many benefits, including favorable location and diversity of spaces available. Vipol Plaza is very special because it is among the pioneers to offer ‘pay-per-minute’ scheme in rent. Such a concept allows having co-working premises, small offices, and meeting rooms where you can pay on an hourly basis. Renters can also use a well-equipped kitchen, leisure zones, and more.


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